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What I'd Do With 100 Billion Dollars

I'd find a way to evade taxes, the way I've heard many 1%ers do (jokes). In all seriousness, I'd find ways to give it all away. Why? Well, I can't take 100B with me anywhere. Let alone 100M, or 10M, or 1M or 1 cent. What is tangibly here, is staying here when we go... so why not intelligently find new places for it to flow and grow?

I also know that when you are an abundant person, abundance continues to find you, no matter how much you 'lose' or 'give away'. There is no lack. There is no wanting. There is no need to hold on. When you choose to become an abundant person, you are abundant right then and there in that moment. The moment you feel it, you are becoming it. Even if in the present moment, your outer world has not caught up to your inner world.

What would I do with 100B? I wouldn't buy Twitter for 44B, that's for sure. I'd have the world's greatest wealth management team assigned to projects that align only with their individual and collective goals. A requirement for everyone on my team is that they're passionate about what they do and that their passions somehow align with wanting to make the world a better place.

Don't handle my properties if you're not passionate about real estate, don't handle my investments if you're not passionate about investing, don't handle my intellectual property and inventions if you're not passionate about continuing to push the status quo in every industry we touch or create. Everyone should be lit up by what they do, and if they're not, we'll have programs to help them find what lights their soul on fire.

Now, more about this 100B. It isn't liquid of course. Can you imagine? "Hey, Wells Fargo, just a heads up, I have an incoming wire of 100 Billion." No, no. This is certainly spread out across many trusts, offshore accounts, properties, investments, foundations, companies, and whatever else the team is certain will create a portfolio like the world has never seen.

We'll even come up with new systems and technologies to better manage and diversify other high net worth accounts.

Let's talk more tangibles though. I'd build more than several innovative campuses around the world dedicated to helping people of all ages and cultures discover their passions, purpose, financial freedom, and more. Available virtually as well, for anyone to access (via Apple Vision Pro?). Dedicate 10B to the construction of 10 campuses around the world. Another 1B set aside for grants, scholarships, expenses, etc. (Of course we'd launch a pilot school, and learn from our mistakes before launching others).

Sheesh, 11B+ already gone!

Now, why invest in others becoming their best selves? Well, when individuals are inspired to become their best selves, our communities become better, safer, and stronger too. Next up, the world! A world of people operating on a higher consciousness can do so much together than a world operating with mostly low vibrational thinking.

Alright, we've got more billions to invest. Once a month I'd hook up with the smartest folks in the world working on our water and food crises (maybe Gates?) and see how to lend our team's creative thinking and/or additional capital.

At time of writing I have no idea who the "best" organizations are working on these world problems, but I know for certain my creative faculties alone are an asset to anyone, anywhere, anytime. If they're already dead set in their ways, or don't have the capacity for collaboration or new approaches, our team will just do it ourselves! What's another 20B set aside for our own research, programming, product development, and field agents? Maybe we'll partner with Peace Corps, or create our own while we're at it.

Why solve world hunger? Because... why hasn't it been solved yet? We have people literally living in space. I'm not saying it's easy, quick, or politically feasible either. What I do know is that anything that can be imagined is possible, and I can clearly see in my own mind a world where no one goes to sleep hungry. Can you?

We've still got plenty of billions left. I'd really like to see a list of the world's worst cities (with ratings for pollution, crime, economic crisis, etc). Anything significant that makes it a 'not so nice' place. I'd assign a task force to find ways to make each of these cities completely optimal, and create duplicatable processes for similarly struggling cities. This of course involves having great relationships with local governments, which will certainly be the task force's job to figure out, not mine. Ya'll can do it :-)

On Sunday afternoons I'd work on writing alternative versions of the U.S. Constitution and the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). This would obviously just be for my own comedic relief and cost me absolutely nothing. I just think our constitution needs some work, and the DSM still says people who smoke weed habitually have a mental disorder. Shame.

Speaking of mental disorders (and health overall), I will personally launch some sort of health foundation that provides free healthcare to its members. I don't even want to think too deeply about the logistics of this, but let's call it "Philanthropy", and I'll give my philanthropic task force a 30B budget to hire the right people and make a plan that stretches over 15 years... just until a president finally comes along that goes to bat for free healthcare.

Or I'll help all Americans move to Canada and/or Europe.

Now... something really important we'll need to address before any of these initiatives can officially break ground.


We'll need to discuss the mindsets of the people we wish to help and collaborate with. If the mind is not primed for success, anything we physically build, create, or install, would simply be a bandaid over much bigger problems. Everything would return to its original form, as the people utilizing the things would be the same. There goes billions wasted.

Lack of self development is the world's biggest problem (in my opinion)... this is MY think piece after all. It's a bit of a "what comes first, the chicken or the egg" scenario. Do we throw some fresh paint over old places and things with a bunch of money? Or do we whittle down the foundation of what's already here to build something completely new in it's place?

Likely the latter. Thus, before doing anything at all, I'd meet with the world's greatest living self help gurus. Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Deepak, Oprah, etc. The best of the best. I would master mind with them, separately and together, on how we heal the world, from the inside out first. A little bit faster. In our lifetimes.

I'd work with this master mind group on the Ultimate Purpose Program. With the intention of gifting anyone and everyone interested in it, the thought faculties to live their most fulfilled life. No age, culture, gender, economic status, or creed would be ineligible for this program.

By this time, I'm hoping Elon's Neuralink or a less invasive alternative has been adopted by the masses, so integration of opting-in to this new thought program could be made much easier.

Just like downloading a new software on your computer. Head to your local brain app, and download Your Ultimate Purpose. Can you imagine? I can.

Instant adoption via a chip in the brain would certainly be less challenging than spending massive political energy and billions (or trillions?) of dollars re-building the education system from the ground up. But hey, we'll probably need to do that too.

Lastly, I'd buy an island, or 10.

Surprisingly, private islands only cost a couple hundred thousand in remote areas.

What would you do with 100B?

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Jul 20, 2023

I would take 10B and buy up all the major gun manufacturers in the world - all of them, the ones that are currently pouring 2 million guns per month into our streets. I’d close them down and turn them each into community parks and playground. Then i’d take the rest and split it between gun buybacks and free mental health/wellness programs for the public.

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