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You're immortal... did you know?

2 months ago I thought "immortality" was nothing but a fairytale.

That's because I was "thinking" (with my mind) and not Being (who I am).

Through an intense 60+ day journey into self-actualization, I have come to know who I am, and who we ALL are.

I'd heard rumblings of One Consciousness my entire life, didn't think much about it. Was kinda woo-woo, like ok cool! Jesus this, Buddha that, Ghandi this, Mother Teresa that. All the "ascended masters" we've learned about seemed very separate from me, because how could I, a mere mortal human, ever be eternal.

Immortality as a concept is something many of us wish we could grasp because many of us fear death.

To believe you actually die, is to remove the "Being" from the word "Human Being".

Yes, our cells and tissues die, just as a rose wilts, a tree falls, and all things eventually disappear. That is the law of impermanence. But in that disappearing act, there is something hidden in plain sight. What is hidden is that: in order for "nothing" to exist, consciousness must notice it. Nothing is observed by Consciousness. This is why things seem to come from "nowhere" sometimes - that 'random' check, that 'random' phone call, that 'life' circumstance... all seemed to come from nothing. Because they did! Everything comes from no thing... the nothingness that consciousness creates and observes, and is.

Life is just what IS.

It is a constant, it is eternal, in all its forms and formlessnesses - beyond concepts of time and space, beyond humanity, beyond earth, beyond the infinitely expanding universe. Life just IS.

This is very hard for our very mortal minds to comprehend. Which is why most of us give up on trying to understand the formlessness that is beyond our form.

But understanding it is much simpler than I could've imagined. To be here and now, I had to step away from my "learned life" (working constantly, scrolling socials, getting caught up in other people's mind-made dramas, etc).

The trick to discovering who You are, is to kill who you thought You were.

Emphasis on "thought".

What is beyond thinking?

Who You are.

The Being.

Thought forms, that is: the thoughts you're often thinking in your head to no end, are just images and concepts, that then trigger emotions in your body, and animate the actions that you take.

Who is the "I" that is having the thought?, you might ask.

That "I" is the true You. The Awareness of the thinking.

You can find Awareness (which you already are) by being still for a moment. Noticing when you have NO thoughts. Notice the space between thoughts (you may not have any spaces if your ego is completely enraptured in thinking your Thoughts are Who You Are). Lots of thoughts is ok! Just notice them. Write them down (this helped me). Look at those thoughts objectively, as things. Because that is all they are: Things.

Thoughts are just Things that you, Consciousness, is aware of.

From Presence, Beingness, Consciousness, or whatever you want to call it, you can create anything you want. That is, you will realize you are all things, and so being one with what you want is the only way for it to appear in your current reality. Current, meaning Now: all that has ever been and all that will ever be.

Thoughts of the future, are thought of in the present moment. Thoughts of the past, are thought of in the present moment. The past has never happened, it is only a concept. No one experiences the past, they only experience the Now. The future never comes, it is only experienced as the Now.

If any of this feels new to you and is pulling You, trust it. Keep going. You won't die. At least not the way you thought you would, I promise!

I wrote a book exploring self, time, beliefs, and our immortality - find it here.

Somewhere Between Now & Now (eBook)

A Deep Exploration of Self, Time, Beliefs, and Immortality

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